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14 July 2008 @ 07:30 pm
Lemon Curry?  
1. Name: Sarah
2. Age: 15
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: Ireland
5. Your Likes: Music, the 60s and 70s, The Who, The Beatles, writing, reading, Monty Python, playing guitar and drums, travel, photography, poetry, football.
6. Your Dislikes: Racism, homophobia, arrogance, maths.
7. Talents: Playing guitar/drums, writing.
8. Your Strengths: Picking up music easily, learning languages, loyal and a good listener.
9. Your Weaknesses: Low self-confidence, worrying too much.

10. Favorite Python: Eric Idle!
11. Least favorite Python: None, I love them all.
12. Favorite Wife: Don't know really.
13. Least favorite wife: None.
14. Favorite sketch: There are so many it's nearly impossible to choose... probably 'Nudge Nudge', though I'm also very fond of 'Michelangelo' from Hollywood Bowl.
15. Favorite movie: The Meaning of Life.
16. Who do you think you're most like? And why?: I'm like Eric in some ways because I'm something of a loner, and I also think there's some of Graham in me because I'm a quiet person and insecure, but there's also so much more to me.
17. Influences?: Eric Idle, Pete Townshend, George Harrison.

Anything else?: Suppose he's got a point-ed stick?
Pictures? These two are from a few months ago (before I got red in my hair):