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09 October 2006 @ 07:50 pm
Lemon Curry?  
The Application:

1. Name: You can call me Niprhidel
2. Age: 18
3. Gender: Female
4. Location: U.S.
5. Your Likes: Writing, Reading, watching good films, listening to music, history, and chocolate
6. Your Dislikes: school (in general), math, science, ignorance, homophobes, religious fanatics
7. Talents: I am good at writing (plays, narratives, not so much essays though), very good at history, good listener to my friends when they need it, usually able to make people laugh
8. Your Strengths: Willing to take on people for what I believe, reliable & loyal to my friends, very open-minded, empathetic, and able to have a sense of humor even when I am depressed
9. Your Weaknesses: Can get very depressed, have a temper( only very rarely let it show), chocolate, brain farts?
10. Favorite Python: Very closely Graham Chapman & Eric Idle
11. Least favorite Python: Terry Gilliam
12. Favorite Wife: David Sherlock (lol, I’m not joking here)
13. Least favorite wife: n/a
14. Favorite sketch: ‘Poofy Judges’ [Hollywood Bowl version] &/or ‘The Dirty Fork’ sketch
15. Favorite movie: Python movie or movie in general? Python: ‘The Meaning of Life’ ; Movie in General : Closely between ‘Brokeback Mountain’ & ‘Amadeus’
16. Who do you think you're most like? And why?: To be perfectly honest, a part of me has no idea – the other part thinks Graham Chapman; mainly because he was quite at times then would have bursts of randomness and noise and was generally a very kind person overall despite his very weird behavior; many of my friend have described me as this at times (though not in comparison to him, lol).
17. Influences?: Films, books(by fav. authors like : Virginia Woolf, Henry David Thoreau, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams, Emily Bronte, J.R.R. Tolkien), M.K. Gandhi, Walt Disney, Queen, Green Day, Matthew Shepard, Tchaikovsky, & Monty Python.

Anything else?: NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPA – Oh bugger!!
Pictures? No; but I do have a description of myself if that will help: I am 5’2” in height , have dark brown hair and blue green eyes that sometimes turn blue gray (depending on what I wear exactly), my face looks more Victorian than modern (my friends say this) and pale skin only seals it!(lol)
Current Location: In a crappy chair....
Current Mood: dorky
Current Music: Evanescence
laurelin_glaurelin_g on October 10th, 2006 01:11 am (UTC)
Welcome aboard! :D

Mike, I would say, or very close to Gray... No, Mike, definately!